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quality engineer is responsible for making sure thatengineering and manufacturing processes are performed correctly using the right tools, materials and processes. An important part of the job involves designing the company’squality standards and testing processes against those criteria.


  • Introduction to CAM
  • Geometry commands
  • Editing commands
  • X form commands
  • Curves
  • Solid commands
  • Surface commands
  • Level and Attributes manager
  • Create dynamic planes use is WCS
  • Key mapping and customize
  • Machine control definition manager
  • 2D Tool paths
  • 3D Tool paths and stock setup
  • Tool management
  • Setup sheets for work process
  • Pocket, contour, facing, drilling
  • Transforming 2D tool paths
  • Hole, Slot & Helical milling tool paths
  • Back plot, verification, post processing.
  • Bounding box,
  • Orientation
  • Pocket, Contour, Shallow
  • Parallel, Rest-Mill
  • Engraving, Back-Plot
  • Verification
  • Post-Processing.

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Our Design Engineering Training intends to Impart a Quality Education based on the Requirement and Expectation of the Industries in Development of a component or to be a Design Support in need. All the Modules are carefully Drafted to enrich the Design Engineer inside you.

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