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Skilled Manpower is the Requirement of Industries, We Provide Trained Skilled Manpower in the Name of cluster wings where by Authorized certification is done by every employee based upon the Job Description. Our Employees will Work from First Day sticking on to the Rules and Regulation of the Industry they are put into. By this Facilitation industries get their job done with ease and Confidence. We also undertake Manpower Contract whereby A special Supervisor from our end will ensure Day to day activities of our employees. Already 200+ Engineers are employed in TVS SFL Pondicherry, 50+ in Bharath Forge Ltd Pune, 100+ in Lokesh Machine Ltd Pune, 50+ in Dharani Pumps Coimbatore.

SSTMS owns a Machining Plant where Critical Components Like Connecting Rods, Cam Shaft, Crank Shaft are manufactured by us with precision as per the Customer need and ARAI Certificating Rules. We are put up at Nashik, Pune.

Design is the Language of Engineer CADD LEADER undertakes
Projects in: Mechanical Engineering like: Reverse Engineering designs, Process Drawings, Tool & Die design, Jigs and Fixtures Designs, Civil Engineering: Structural Analysis, Interior Designs, Architectural Design, Steel Structural Analysis, Planning, Blue Print Diagrams and Surveying.

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